Struts 2 Interview Questions and Answers

Struts 2 Interview Questions and Answers

Apache Struts is a free, open-source, MVC framework for creating elegant, modern Java web applications. It favours convention over configuration, is extensible using a plug-in architecture, and ships with plug-in to support REST, AJAX and JSON. (Source: official Website -Apache struts). The struts framework is a Model View Controller (MVC) based framework and by the use of MVC the logic, view and user input related tasks gets separated and the work is done in a clear manner that can be verified easily. The web framework of struts is known as the request based web application framework. The struts 2 is an efficient and extensible action framework used in order to create the enterprise level web applications in java and this latest version is much simple as compared with the previous one.

What is Java Struts?

Explain Architecture of struts2?

What are the features of struts 2?

What is interceptor? And life cycle methods of interceptor?

What are Struts2 core components?

What are the some useful annotations introduced in Struts2?

Can you explain Value Stack?

What is OGNL?

What is use of i18n interceptor?

Can you explain aware interfaces in struts2?

What types of validations are available in xml based validation in struts2?

What are the classes used in Struts?

What is Action Class? What are the types of Action Class?

What is Dispatch Action class?

List some Struts tag libraries?

Can you explain custom tag?

Explain how to work with error tags?

What design patterns are used in struts?

Explain struts.devMode?

What is HTTP Forward?

What is HTTP Redirect?

What is purpose of execAndWait interceptor?

What is ActionMapping?

What is DispatchAction?

What is the default suffix for Struts2 action URI ?

What are the pros of Struts 2?

Can you explain in Struts2?

What are the cons of struts 2?

Can you explain struts validator framework?

Explain how can we upload files in Struts2 application?

Explain integrate log4j in Struts2 application?

List some bundled validators?