SAP Webi Interview Questions and Answers

SAP Webi Interview Questions and Answers

Here, we have listed all the Top SAP Webi Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers& Experienced. All the best for your interview Preparation.

What are the different versions of Business Objects that you have worked on?

What are the key differences between BOXI R3 and SAP BO 4.x?

How do you migrate Deski to Webi reports in Business Objects?

What are the differences between Personal, Shared and Secured connections?

What is BI Launchpad?

Explain the architecture of Web Intelligence tool?

What are the different application modes that can be used in a Web Intelligence tool?

What are the different data sources that you can use to create a new Webi document?

What is the extension of Universes created in Information Design Tool and UDT?

What is a Query panel?

A query filter contains three components. What are they?

Which connection you can use to import all OLAP functionalities from an InfoCube in SAP BW?

What are the different save as formats supported for a Webi report?

What are classes and subclasses?

How do you use InfoCubes in SAP BW to connect to Webi document?

What are the query filters?

What are the differences among a query filter, a report filter, and a block filter?

What is difference between query and report filters?

What is the difference between a section and a break?

Why do we use Prompts? Where do we apply Prompts to use in Webi report?

What is context and how they are created?

What is Aggregate awareness function? Why do we use it?

What is the use of subquery?

In Query panel, you can’t see ranking option enabled, what could be the reason?

What do you understand by hierarchical data?

What is difference between Break and Sections?

What is the difference between a dimension and a detail?

What is query stripping?

What are the different chart type in Webi tool?

Explain the difference between Query filter, Report filter and block filter?

When you synchronize two queries from different data sources, what rules must you respect?

What is the use of Conditional formatting in Webi report?

What are the different Report filters operators?

What is an input context?

What is use of string concatenation?

What is the use of Nofilter() function?

How do you create a hyperlink in the Web Intelligence Interactive panel?

How do you connect SAP HANA database to Webi document?