SAP PM Interview Questions and Answers

SAP PM Interview Questions and Answers

Below, we have listed all the Top SAP PM Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers& Experienced. All the best for your interview Preparation.

What is SAP Plant Maintenance?

Which all modules you can integrate with SAP PM?

What are the key responsibilities in SAP Plant Maintenance?

What is a Technical object in Plant Maintenance?

What is Maintenance Plant in Plant Maintenance?

What is Maintenance Planning? What are different types of Maintenance Planning?

What do you understand by object related structuring of Technical Objects?

What do you understand by Functional Structuring of Technical Objects?

What is Equipment Master Record?

What are the functions of using Equipment master?

When to represent an object as Equipment or as Functional Location?

When you mistakenly enter wrong master data for an equipment, how do you manage this?

What do you understand by data transfer between Technical Objects?

What do you understand by Horizontal and Hierarchical data transfer?

What is a Milestone Confirmation?

Can we change Equipment category once defined?

Explain the use of use of item number in maintenance order?

What is Breakdown Maintenance?

When do you perform Breakdown Maintenance?

What is the order type for Breakdown Maintenance?

What is Corrective Maintenance?

What is difference between Corrective Maintenance and Preventive Maintenance?

What is order type for Preventive Maintenance?

How is Corrective maintenance different from Breakdown maintenance?

What is Preventive Maintenance and key submodules under this?

What is the task list in Preventive Maintenance?

What is Planned Maintenance?

What is an Ongoing Maintenance?

What are different components under Maintenance Planning?

What is the Maintenance Plan? Different type of Maintenance Plans?


Is Maintenance strategy mandate for Maintenance Plans?

Which Maintenance plan type is suitable for performing annul service of a car?

What is multiple counter maintenance plan?

Where do we use multiple counter maintenance plans? Explain with an example?

Which maintenance plan is suitable for managing outline service agreement and what call objects are required?

What is Maintenance Event Builder? What are the key functions of MEB?

What is Refurbishment process?

Explain the key steps performed in Refurbishment process?

What is the use of Warranty Claim Processing function?

What are the different common roles in Plant Maintenance process?

Which task lists are Object based?

What are the different reports under Plant Maintenance in Information System?