SAP CRM Interview Questions and Answers

 SAP CRM Interview Questions and Answers for freshers & Experienced.

SAP CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management .It is one of the key modules in an organization which deals with handling customers effectively and efficiently. In today’s competitive market environment, it is necessary that companies make changes in a dynamic environment and take care of all the key activities related to customer service.SAP CRM is known as integrated customer relationship management module by SAP that helps any organization to achieve their business goals and allows them to perform all Customer Relationship tasks efficiently. CRM is one of the key components for making business strategy for medium and large scale organizations and it also helps in understanding the customers, their needs and customer service effectively.

Customer relationship management (CRM) definition:

The way businesses interact with current and future customers. Traditionally, this has been done with software that automates and integrates your customer-facing activities: sales, marketing, and customer service. But today, best-in-class CRM software systems go beyond that core functionality – providing additional tools for customer analytics, personalisation, e-commerce, social media, collaboration, and more. The ultimate goal? To drive Omni-channel customer engagement. –SAP Main Website

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