Nexus Interview Questions and Answers

Nexus Interview Questions and Answers

Top Most Asked Cisco Nexus Interview Questions and Answers for beginners & Experienced 2023

What do you know about Cisco NX-OS?

What are Nexus Switches series?

What is DCNM?

What is Fabric path?

What is FCoE?

What is VDC?

What is MPLS?

What is OTV?

What is LISP?

What is VXLAN?

What are ANP?

What vPC?

What is vPC peer link?

What are Orphan Ports?

Why use IS-IS as the fabric path control plane?

Why use VDC?

How to Creat VDC?

What is the Cisco Nexus port profile?

What is the use of UplinkFast?

How to Verifying the VDC Configuration in nexus 7000 series?

How many OSPF processes can be run in a virtual device context (VDC)?

How many syslog servers can be added to a Nexus 7000 series switch?

Which modules support FabricPath, FCoE, and FEX connectivity?

Which modules support LISP, MPLS, and OTV?

How many VDC’s can the Nexus 7000 support?

What are Cisco catalyst Switches?

What is use of static Pinning?

How To forward traffic from host interface to parent switch?

Can you explain BackboneFast?

How to configure the BackboneFast in Switch use the command?