Netezza Interview Questions and Answers

Netezza Interview Questions and Answers

IBM Netezza styles and markets superior data warehouse appliances and advanced analytics applications for uses together with enterprise data warehousing, business intelligence, predictive analytics and business continuity coming up with. On September 20, 2010 IBM declared they might acquire Netezza to become a subsidiary of IBM. It was founded in 1999 by Foster Hinshaw. In 2000 Jit Saxena joined Hinshaw as co-founder. The company was incorporated in Delaware on December 30, 1999 as Intelligent Data Engines, Inc. and changed its name to Netezza Corporation in November 2000. Netezza announced the industry’s first “data warehouse appliance” in 2003 to meet the industry’s need to make use of the rapidly increasing ability to collect consumer data. In July 2007, Netezza Corporation had its initial public offering under the ticker “NZ” on NYSE Arca


What is Netezza?

What is DWA?

Can you explain the usage of num_star_planner_rels in Netezza?

Can you explain enable_2phase_planner variable in Netezza?

Explain which file can be used to change the value of Netezza optimizer variables?

Can you explain different Port numbers used by Netezza server?

Can you explain Zomemap?

Explain the Undo / recover from a Delete, Update, or Insert in Netezza?

Can you explain Netezza Implicit?

Can you explain Netezza emulator?

Can you define dynamic session partition?

Can you define snippet?

Can you explain Distribution key?

How do I find the timestamp of last time procedure updated?

Can you explain creating materialized views?

Explain does enabling of ENABLE_FACTREL_PLANNER variable help on Netezza system?

What is ERROR: Memory exhausted in AllocSetAlloc?

How do you redistribute a table?

Can you define real-time processing?

What are the commands of Netezza backup?

What does error SPU Oversubscribed memory and Out of memory refers in Netezza system?

Explain data warehouse appliances you know?

What are the different types of pushdown optimization that can be configured?

Explain the load achieved in Netezza and why is that quick / fast?

Why NOT NULL specification is better in Netezza?

What is the user data capacity TF-12 (1000-6) Netezza system?

List out the t databases are we able to configure pushdown optimization?

Can you explain we update all columns in a Netezza table.?

Can a group become a member of another group in Netezza user administration? Can we use same group name for databases?

Can you explain the different states of Netezza?

How FPGA can be helpful in improving query performance?

Can you define nzload?

Can you define collocated join?

Can you explain Netezza SQL?

Can you explain Netezza Datawarehouse appliance (DWA)?

Can you explain advanced Security in Neetezza?