Blue Prism Interview Questions and Answers

Blue Prism is that the commerce name of the Blue Prism cluster, a UK international software system corporation that pioneered and makes enterprise robotic method automation software system to eliminate low-return, high-risk, manual data entry and process work. Blue Prism is headquartered in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside, UK with regional offices within the United States and Australia. the company is listed on the London exchange AIM market. Blue Prism was based in 2001 by a group of process automation experts to develop technology that could be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organizations. Blue Prism is designed for these situations. Combining tools for presentation integration, process automation, and management, it aims at providing an enterprise-class solution for this category of problems. Now the industry fully started using Robotic Process Automation tools. Now the Robotic Automation is trending in the technology world.

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