Sr Applied Research Scientist/Engineer

  • Full Time
  • Mid Level
  • Hyderabad



To be successful in this role you have:

  • 5+ years of relevant experience
  • Solid software development skills in Python/C++/Java
  • Experience in training transformer-based language models and their variants (T5, BART, BERT etc)
  • Knowledge of transformer architecture and the impacts of modifying the same
  • Experience in using GPUs to train deep learning models
  • Good knowledge of solving industrial problems using deep learning models with NLP-related use-cases
  • Strong understanding & Hands-on at model compression via parameter quantisation, distillation, teacher-student training techniques
  • Strong understanding of large language models(LLM), and prompting approaches
  • Strong understanding & Hands-on at AI quality evaluation metrics
  • Experience in reading papers and implementing algorithms described in papers
  • An advanced degree in computer science (MS/PhD) with a major in Natural Language Processing

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