CICS Interview Questions and Answers

CICS Interview Questions and Answers

CICS stands for Customer information Control system. It is general purpose transaction processing subsystem for z/OS and z/VSE. It is an online transaction processing (OLTP) from IBM. It is a most commonly used for internet applications. CICS applications execute under CICS control, using CICS services and interfaces to access programs and files.

What is CICS?

What is mainframe?

Can you define CICS task?

Can you explain CICS Transaction Gateway?

What is EIB?

How VSAM files are Read in CICS pgms?

Can you explain primary aspect of CICS?

What are the CICS Tables?

Can you define PPT and what are its uses?

What is the difference between PCT and FCT?

What is the use of DCT?

What is the use of the Program List Table?

What is the main function of the Sign-on Table?

What is the CICS LOAD command?

Can you define CEMT?

Can you define BMS?

Can you define MDT?

Can you define COMMAREA?

Can you define Transid?

Can you define Mapset?

Can you define AICA ABEND?

Can you define attribute byte?

What are the attribute values of Skipper and Stopper fields?

Which commend used for terminating a browser operation?

How is dynamic memory allocated within a CICS application Program?

Can you explain CICS translator?

Can you explain EXEC CICS HANDLE CONDITION command?

Can you explain DFHMDF BMS macro?

Can you use OCCURS in BMS Map?

How to DSECT parameter is used in BMS?

Can you explain ENQ and DEQ used in CICS?

What is the use of TDQ and TSQ?

What is the difference between SEND MAP DATAONLY and SEND MAP MAPONLY?

What is the difference between pseudo-conversational and conversational?

Can you explain Multitasking and Multithreading?

What are the databases that CICS can access?

Can you explain DFHEIBLK?

Can you define temporary storage?

Can you explain communication area?

Can you explain common systems area?

What is a logical message in CICS?

How to handle exceptional conditions in CICS?

What are the CICS commands available for program control?

What is the MASSINSERT option?

Can you explain differences between Temporary Storage Queue (TSQ) and Transient Data Queue (TDQ)?

What is program reentrance?