Git Interview Questions and Answers

Git is a distributed version control and source code control system with an emphasis on pace. Git changed into to begin with designed and developed via Linus Torvalds for Linux kernel development. It is a free software program distributedunder the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2.

VCS (Version Control System) is a fixed of tools that track the records of a set of files. This means that you can inform your VCS (Git, in our case) to store the state of your files at any factor.  If you’re a graphic designer or web designer and want to keep each version of an image or layout (which you could most absolutely need to), a VCS is a totally clever aspect to use. It allows you to revert files again to a preceding state, revert the whole project back to a preceding state, examine adjustments over time, see who remaining changed something that is probably causing a problem, who brought an issue and when, and more.

Using a VCS also generally means that in case you screw matters up or lose documents, you could effortlessly recover. In addition, you get all this for little or no overhead. Many peoples version-manipulate technique of desire is to copy files into another directory (possibly a time-stamped directory, if they’re smart). This method is very commonplace because it’s so simple, but it’s also notably blunders inclined. It is straightforward to neglect which directory you are in and by accident write to the incorrect report or copy over documents you do not imply to.

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