Zend Framework Interview Questions and Answers

Zend Framework Interview Questions and Answers

Zend Framework is an open source web utility framework implemented in PHP 7(BSD licence).It is an object-orientated .The framework is essentially a collection of expert PHP based totally pckages. The framework uses numerous packages by means of the use of Composer as part of its package dependency managers; some of them are PHP unit for testing all programs, Travis C for non-stop Integration Services. It provides to customers a support of the Model View Controller.

What is Zend framework?

What are the main features of Zend framework?

What is autoloader?

What is use of zend front controller?

What is the use of bootstrap?

Is ZF a component library or a framework?

What is Zend Auth?

What is Zend Acl?

How Do You Set Module Name, Controller Name, And Action Name in Zend Framework?

What is Configuration in Zend Framework, Application.ini File?

Checking whether form posted or not in zend framework?

Does Zend Framework support PHP 4?

fetch last inserted id, fetch all record and fetch a single record.

What is the difference between zend_registry and zend_session?

When do we need to disable layout?

Where is the model in ZF MVC implementation?

How to call two different views from same action?

Can we call a model in view?

Which version of PHP does Zend framework require?

Where's the Model?

How Do U Set Module Name, Controller Name, And Action Name In Zend Framework?

Can we rename the application folder?

Can we move the index.php file outside the public folder?

How to include js from controller and view in zend?

How to include css from controller and view in zend?

How do you protect your site from sql injection in zend when using select query?

How can you get a module name in bootstrap file?

What is a Framework?

Why should we use framework?

What is bootstrapping?

What is zend engine?

What is zend engine in php?

What is routing and how it's work?

What are plugins in zend framework?

What is MVC?

What are the features of MVC in zend framework?

How can I customize the appearance of forms generated by zend_form?

Why does the zend framework project have a cla at all?

Should I sign an individual CLA or a corporate CLA?

What is front controller?

can you explain about Zend Framework?

What do I have to do to contribute to zend framework?

What version of PHP is zend framework 2 based on?

Does this mean that zend framework 1 is about to be end-of-lifed?

What new features will find in zend framework 2?

What services are available from zend technologies for zend framework?

What is Lucene?

How can I debug zend_date in a simple way?

How can I detect if an optional file has been uploaded?

How can I use the same locale everywhere?

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