SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

SSRS Interview Questions and Answers

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) is a server-based reporting platform that you can use to create charts, Maps, spark lines, and manage tabular, matrix, graphical, XML and free-form reports that contain data from relational and multidimensional data sources. The reports that you create can be viewed and managed over a World Wide Web-based connection.

Reporting Services includes the following core components:

A complete set of tools that you can use to create, manage, and view reports.

A Report Server component that hosts and processes reports in a variety of formats. Output formats include HTML, PDF, TIFF, Excel, CSV, and more.

An API that allows developers to integrate or extend data and report processing in custom applications, or create custom tools to build and manage reports.

What is SSRS?

What are the tools used in MSBI?

What are the main Reporting Service Constituents in SSRS?

Briefly explain Reporting Services Components?

What are the different types of roles of SSRS?

What is matrix in SSRS?

What is Data Set in report?

Can you explain the Reporting Lifecycle?

Can you define data regions?

What are the available data sources for SSRS?

What are the different types of reports in SSRS?

What are query parameters?

What is the difference between drill-down and drill-through in SSRS?

What is the difference between tabular and matrix report?

What is use of data mining models in SSRS?

How to send a SSRS report from SSIS?

an you explain Subreport?

Can you briefly explain Snapshot Report?

What are the open source and non open source tools available in market as an Alternative to SSRS?

List out the Export Options of SSRS?

Can you define RDL files?

How to backup SQL Server Reporting Services ?

Can you explain SSRS Architecture?

What are the benefits of SSRS?

How can I add Reporting Services reports to my application?

What are the uses of report parameters?

What are Data Driven Subscriptions?

What is Report Builder?

When to use null data driven subscription?

Can you define data source?

How do you configure a running aggregate in SSRS?

What is the main benefit of using embedded code in a report?

How you can deploy an SSRS report?

Can you define encryption key?

Can you define Tablix?

What formats can SSRS export or render to?

Can you use a stored procedure to provide data to an SSRS report?

Do you create your reports using the wizard or manually?

Can you explain mixed mode database security?

What is cache in SSRS?

How to finetune Reports?

What is the use of a report parameter?

What are the three command line utilities and functions?

How to enhance the custom code in Report?

What is the web service used for reporting services?