Automobile Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Automobile Engineering Interview Questions

Introduction to Automobile Engineering:

Automobile Engineering or automotive engineering is a one of the Sub branch of the mechanical engineering. Automobile Engineering is deals with the designing, producing, manufacturing, servicing, develop, testing of the vehicles, vehicle components, and operating of the automobiles. Automobile is a type of the vehicle engineering it includes the details of cars, tractors, mortar vehicles, buses, and trucks and their total maintenance.  And these automobile engineering offers the vehicles designing, repairing, testing and also learn a safety engineering, quality management and control, and installation of various automobiles.

Automobile Engineering is also deals with the implementation of the vehicles and their mortars, creation of the new parts and their development in the vehicles. Automobile vehicles are used to transport the passengers, and the goods in now a days. Automobile Engineering uses the various components of the other engineering branches like electrical, electronics, mechanical and the software engineering. In these automobile engineering field production, manufacturing and the development are the major components for the automobiles. These engineer is the difficult carrier for the large scope.

These automobile engineering also involves in the mathematical and their formulas, fluid mechanics, strength of materials.  It also involves the study of related aerospace and marine engineering. Automobile engineers involves the designing of interior structure and the external appearance of the vehicles. Automobile engineers are study the importance of vehicles such as safety engineering, fuel emission, vehicle noise and vibration, vehicles economic details, timing, quality management, cost and their performance of engines etc.


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