Chemical Engineering Interview Questions and Answers

Chemical Engineering Interview

 Introduction to Chemical Engineering:

Chemical engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with chemical production and the manufacture of products through chemical processes. This includes designing equipment, systems and processes for refining raw materials and for mixing, compounding and processing chemicals to make valuable products. Chemical Engineering deals with the design and maintenance of chemical plants and the development of chemical processes for converting raw materials or chemicals into valuable forms. It combines knowledge of Chemistry and Engineering for the production of chemicals and related by-products. This branch of engineering is a varied field, covering areas from biotechnology and nanotechnology, mineral processing, pharmaceuticals, synthetic fibers, petroleum refining plants etc.

The role of a chemical engineer involves taking materials and designing processes to change certain properties to give them another purpose. A wide range of industries relies on chemical engineers to produce new materials so a role in the sector can lead to many different opportunities. Chemical Engineers have skills and knowledge in many fields including chemistry, biological sciences, physics and math’s. The role of the chemical engineer is common in a range of sectors which include oil and gas, energy, food and drink manufacture, toiletries, plastics, consumable goods and many more.

Chemical Engineers use science and mathematics to improve chemical processing methods and equipment. Successful candidates will be analytical, knowledgeable, and communicative. Avoid candidates who seem disorganized or lack interpersonal skills. Developments in chemical practices have led to more advanced fields like Nanotechnology, Bio-Engineering, Bio-Molecular Engineering, Material processing etc. It finds global application in everyday life. Modern innovations like human genome project, genetic engineering, and DNA sequencing has changed the face how chemical engineering was earlier perceived.

Production using chemical engineering is right at the forefront of human development. In this multibillion-pound industry candidates will work in fast paced environments solving problems on a daily basis whether you are in a production environment or working behind the scenes in R & D.

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