ADO.Net Interview Questions and Answers

ADO.Net Interview Questions and Answers

ADO .Net:

ActiveX Data Object.NET (ADO.NET) gives regular access to data resources inclusive of SQL Server and XML, and to data sources exposed via OLE DB and ODBC. Data-sharing customer applications can use ADO.NET to connect to these records assets and retrieve, cope with, and update the data that they incorporate.

It separates data get access to from data manipulation into discrete additives that can be used one after the other or in tandem. ADO.NET consists of .NET Framework data vendors for connecting to a database, executing instructions, and retrieving consequences. Those results are both processed immediately, placed in an ADO.NET DataSet item which will be uncovered to the user in an ad hoc way, mixed with information from a couple of sources, or passed between ranges. The DataSet object can also be used independently of a .NET Framework data provider to manipulate data nearby to the software or sourced from XML.

What is an ADO.Net?

What are two important objects of ADO.Net?

What are the namespaces used in ADO.Net to connect to a database?

What is LINQ?

What are the data providers in ADO.NET framework?

What is Data Reader Object?

What is Dataset Object?

What is object pooling?

What is connection pooling?

What is Data view?

What is Data Adapter?

What is the use of Sql Command object?

What is the difference between ADO and ADO.Net?

What are the benefits of ADO.Net?

What is the use of connection object?

What are all features of ADO.Net?

What is the difference between Response. Expires and Response. Expires Absolute?

What is boxing and un boxing?

What is the difference between Data reader and Dataset?

Jack is having XML document and that needs to be read on a daily basis. Which method of XML object is used to read this XML file?

Which method in OLEDB Adapter is used to populate dataset with records?

Which object needs to be closed?

What are different layers of ADO.Net?

What are typed and un typed dataset?

How to stop running thread?

Which method is used to sort the data in ADO.Net?

Which object is used to add relationship between two Data tables?

Which is the best method to get two values from the database?

What are all the classes that are available in System.Data Namespace?

What are the uses of Stored Procedure?

What is the default Timeout for Sql Command. Commandtimeout property?

What are the classes in System. Data. Common Namespace?