Oracle ATG Interview Questions and Answers

Oracle ATG Interview Questions and Answers

Top Oracle ATG Interview Questions and Answers: Below, we have covered detailed answers to the Oracle ATG Interview Questions Which will be helpful to freshers and experienced Professionals. All the best for your interview Preparation.


What is ATG?

What is the core of ATG?

What is a droplet in ATG?

What is a component in ATG?

What is a nucleus in ATG?

What is ATG component scope?

How you can create a JSPs in ATG or JSP page is processed in ATG?

What are the types of pipeline in ATG?

What is the default scope of a component?

What are the two methods in a component?

What is the difference between form handler, droplet and servlet?

What are the advantages of DAF?

What are the performance issues with ATG?

What are the two types of cache that ATG repository maintains?

What is ATG DPS? what are its elements?

What are the scope of dynamo components?

What is the main difference between JSP and DSP tag libraries?

What if the ATG applications are deployed on a cluster of servers?

What is the difference between DSP and DSPEL tags?

What is the standard atg.repository.querybuilder interface defines?

What is the advantage of nucleus in ATG?

How to create component?

How the module dependency happened in ATG?

What are all the ootb form handlers you used in your application tell me 6?

What are all the input parameters for foreach droplet?

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