Portal and Portlet Interview Questions and Answers

Portal and Portlet Interview Questions and Answers

A portal is a wed destination that presents information and resources that are diverse in location technology and derivation through a single point of entry. Content and technology that originate from widespread sources appear to your users as a cohesive set of information and services that are easily available from one location.

A portlet can be considered as a miniature web application that is running inside of a portal page alongside any number of similar entities. A portlet is a web component which as managed by a portal and can process requests and generate dynamitic content.(-Oracle Doc)

What is portal?

What are portlets?

What is difference between a portlet and servlet?

Can you explain Portal Architecture?

What is Liferay ?

What are different phases of portlet life cycle?

What are the different Portlet URLs and their use?

What is difference between JSR 168 and JSR 286 specifications?

How is the inter portlet communication carried out in JSR 168 portlet?

Can you create a DB connection in render phase? Explain reason?

What are different modes supported by JSR 286?

What are different States supported by JSR 286?

What are public render parameters?

How can we transport objects using public render parameters?

What is Web DAV? What are theme components stored in it?

What is Automaton Server in Portal Architecture?

What are the concepts and capabilities of portal structure markup language, PSML?

What are different entry points to Web DAV?

What are Credential Vaults?

What are different types of credential vault segments?

What are the different types of slots?

What are virtual portals?

What is Dynacache?

What is CSA?

What are different modes available in Websphere Portal?

What can you do with XML access scripts?

What is model SPI and what is it used for?

What is the main package which is used for model SPI?

How did you solve problems related to themes and skins?

What is Web Content Management System (WCMS)?

What is syndication?

Can you explain function-based portals and user-based Portals?

What is local rendering and remote rendering?

What are different steps in creating content for Web Sphere portal WCM?

What are workflows?

What are Authoring and Presentation Templates?

What is the difference between personalization and customization?