Data Engineer 1


Data analytics extracts meaning from data using specialized computer systems to transform, organize, and model the data to draw conclusions and identify patterns.Practical application of data collection and analysis to design, manage, and optimize the flow of data throughout the organization.

Typical Capabilities

Scope: Team and/or small to mid-size customers.
Complexity: Understands and communicates fairly complex information specific to the position. Creates standard work products that are reviewed by colleagues. Supports the achievement of goals independently while simultaneously contributing to team performance.
Problem Solving: Initiates analysis and investigation to solve differing but related problems.
Knowledge & Skills: Developing professional role. Develops expertise and applies solutions based on experience. Identifies the most appropriate options or methods to improve existing approaches.Education Requirement
Bachelor’s degree required in the relevant or a related field, or any acceptable combination of education and experience equivalent to a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant or a related field.

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