Cloudera Interview Questions and Answers

Cloudera Interview Questions and Answers

Cloudera, Inc. is a United States-based software company that gives Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark-based software, support and services, and coaching to business customers.Cloudera’s hybrid open-source Apache Hadoop distribution, Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop(CDH), targets enterprise-class deployments of that technology. Cloudera says that more than 50% of its engineering output is donated upstream to the various Apache-licensed open source projects (Apache Hive, Apache HBase, Apache Avro, and so on) that combine to form the Apache Hadoop platform. Cloudera is also a sponsor of the Apache Software Foundation.

What is Cloudera?

Why Cloudera?

What is Enterprise Data Hub?

Why Cloudera is the Leader in Spark Support?

What are the services Cloudera providing?

What are the products and tools of Cloudera providing?

Can you explain CDH (Cloudera Distribution Including Apache Hadoop)?

Can you explain Cloudera Search?

Can you explain Cloudera Manager?

Can you explain Cloudera Manager API?

Can you explain Cloudera Navigator?

Can you explain Cloudera Data Management?

Can you explain Cloudera Data Encryption?

What is Hadoop role in an enterprise data hub?