Data Structures Interview Questions and Answers

Data Structures InterviewGIG

Data Structures Interview Questions and Answers

Latest Most Asked Data Structures Interview Questions and Answers 2023 for freshers.

What is a Data Structures?

What is an Algorithm?

What are the different types of data structures?

What is Merge Sort?

What are the most used Graph Based Data Structures?

List the Popular Tree based Data Structures?

What are the most commonly used data structures?


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What is recursion?

What is dequeue operation?

Where Binary Search Tree (BST) is used?

What is AVL Tree?

Which data structures is used during recursion?

What is the difference between Array and Stack?

What is Dynamic Data Structure?

How many minimum queues needed to implement the priority queue?

What are the notations used in Evaluation of Arithmetic Expressions using prefix and postfix forms?

What is the type of the algorithm used in solving the 8 Queens problem?

How many different trees are possible with 10 nodes?

What are the methods available in storing sequential files?

Give some areas where data structures are used?

How linked list is better than array?

What is Gap Buffer?

What is a Hashed Array Tree?

What is a Rope in Data structures?

How do you detect a loop in a linked list?

What is hash table?

What is a Trie Tree?

What is a list of data structures that a competitive programmer must know?