Cypress Interview Questions and Answers

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Cypress Interview Questions and Answers

“Cypress” is a one of the best front end test automation tool for modern web applications. In this video, we have prepared some most asked cypress tool interview questions and answers for freshers & experienced 2023.

What do you know about Cypress?

What are the different features of Cypress?

How Cypress is different than Selenium?

How to create a test suit in Cypress?

What are the main components of Cypress?

What are the most commonly used Cypress commands?

What is the difference between Mocha and Chai libraries?

Can we use XPath in Cypress?

How to verify the title of the page in Cypress?

How many types of assertions are available in Cypress?

Which command is used in Cypress to manage the behaviour of network requests?

What is the use of cy.intercept() command?

How to use wait () in Cypress?

How to access shadow DOM in Cypress?

How to create our custom commands in Cypress?

How can I change the baseUrl in Cypress dynamically?

How to re-run the failed test cases?

How can I type Keypress in Cypress?

How to use multitabs in Cypress?

How to set command timeout in cypress?

What is Preserve cookies in Cypress?

How can see the default configuration in Cypress?

How to perform API testing in Cypress?

What are the cons of using Cypress?