Automation Framework Interview Questions and Answers

Automation Framework Interview

Test automation framework makes use of software program to execute tests and then decide whether or not the resulted consequences and the anticipated effects are the same or not. Every company needs software program (testing program) checking out correctly, as quickly and thoroughly as possible. To accomplish this, corporations are turning to use automated testing methods.

Automation framework are differing types based at the above organizing of your code, it could be prepared primarily based upon your data, in order that any character who has the better concept to handle the data files together with excel sheet will even have the manage to control the code .An automation testing framework defines a fixed of automation testing guidelines which, whilst observed can increase the overall productiveness and convey higher outcomes apart from saving effort and time from the testing perspective.

Automation Testing Frameworks in 2024

In 2024, Automation Testing Frameworks have evolved to streamline software testing processes, offering enhanced efficiency, flexibility, and reliability in testing software applications.

Selenium is a widely used open-source framework for automating web browsers. It supports multiple programming languages like Java, Python, and C#.

Appium is an open-source automation tool for mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms. It supports multiple programming languages.

TestNG is a testing framework designed to simplify a broad range of testing needs, from unit testing to integration testing. It is mainly used with Java.

Cucumber is a tool for behavior-driven development (BDD) that allows you to write test cases in a natural language format. It supports various programming languages.

Robot Framework:
Robot Framework is a generic open-source automation framework. It is keyword-driven and supports both web and mobile testing.

JUnit is a widely used testing framework for Java programming language. It is often used for unit testing.

Cypress excels in end-to-end testing, offering a JavaScript-driven framework with a powerful API, real-time reloading, and comprehensive debugging capabilities for web applications.

Playwright, a versatile testing tool, supports multiple browsers, automation scenarios, and offers a rich set of features, making cross-browser testing efficient and developer-friendly.

TestCafe simplifies web testing by eliminating browser plugins. It’s platform-agnostic, supports multiple browsers, and focuses on reliability, allowing for parallel test execution with ease.


TestComplete is a commercial automation tool that supports web, mobile, and desktop application testing.

Katalon Studio:

Katalon Studio is a comprehensive automation tool for web and mobile app testing. It supports both scripting and keyword-driven approaches.

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