OpenShift Interview Questions and Answers

OpenShift Interview Questions and Answers

OpenShift is a computer software product from Red Hat for container-based software deployment and management. It is a supported distribution of Kubernetes using Docker containers and DevOps tools for accelerated application development.

Red Hat OpenShift is available in four models:

  • OpenShift Container Platform
  • OpenShift Online
  • OpenShift Dedicated

What is Openshift?

Why use open shift?

What are the features of Openshift?

What is Openshift Origin?

What is OpenShift Online?

Explain OpenShift Dedicated?

What is OpenShift Enterprise?

What is Routes in OpenShift?

What is Source-to-image Strategy?

What is Openshift Container?

What is automation?

What is POD?
What are stateful Pods?

What are deployment strategies?

What is Rolling Strategy?

What is Canary Deployments?

What is Deployment Pod Resources?

What is Blue/Green deployments?

Define authentication in OpenShift?

What is HAProxy on OpenShift?

What are Feature Toggles?

What is Downward API in OpenShift?

What is Openshift CLI?

What is Application Scaling?

Why use Docker and kubernetes in Openshift?

What are the identity providers in OAuth?

Explain OpenShift Security?

What is Gear in OpenShift?

What is Volume Security?

What are labels in Open‐Shift?

What is Openshift Pipeline?