Prince2 Interview Questions and Answers

Prince2 Interview Questions and Answers

Prince2 Interview Questions

Prince2 stand for PRojects IN Controlled Environments(PR-IN-C-E2). It is one of the  most leading project management methodology. It is used by people and organizations in arrange of different industries. PRINCE2 was developed as a UK government standard for information systems projects.Prince2 is widely recognized and used in the different private sector, both in the UK and internationally. The Prince2 method is in the public domain, and offers non-proprietorial best practise guidance on project management.

What is Prince2?

What are the key features of prince 2?

What are the levels of plan?

What are the planning steps?

What is the process model of prince2?

What is directing a project (DP)?

Which role is responsible for producing a Product Status Account?

Which role is responsible for drafting the outline Business Case?

Which role confirms stage and project progress against agreed tolerances?

What are the two types of progress controls provided by PRINCE2?

Which process triggers the request to deliver a project?

Who is responsible for communicating with stakeholders?

Which process can be carried out without using PRINCE2?

Which role maintains the Quality Register?

Which role has the responsibility of setting project tolerances?

Which document defines the acceptance criteria and roles for the project?

What is the objective of the Directing a Project process?

What is the purpose of the Managing Product Delivery process?

What is the primary objective of the Quality Review Technique?

What is the purpose of a Checkpoint Report?

What are the principles of Prince2?

What are the seven themes in Prince2

What is the use of Prince2 method?

What is risk register?

What is the use of quality register?

What is issues register?

What is business case?

What are the types of project?

What are the prince2 deliverables?

What are the planning approaches?

What are the activities in DP process?

What are the activities in SU process?

What are the risk strategies?

What are the Management Products in Prince2