Python Flask Interview Questions

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Python Flask Interview Questions

What is Python Flask?

What is WSGI?

What is the use of python flask?

What is the meaning of g in python flask?

What are the new features of Flask?

What is the use of Werkzeug in Flask?

What is use of Jinja?

What is Flask-WTF and what are their features?

Explain, how can we access sessions in Flask?

How can we request database connections in Flask?

What is Flask Sijax?

What are the HTTPs methods provided by Python Flask?

What is the difference between Flask and Pyramid?

What is the use redirect() function.

What are the delimiters used in Jinga2 template?

What are the server 5XX errors?

How to get logged user id in flask?

How to get visitor ip address in Flask?

How is memory managed in Flask Python?

How can we get a query string from the Flask?

What are pickling and unpickling?

How one can enable debugging in Flask?

What are the validators class of WTForms in Flask?

What is the default port of Flask?

What is the use of app routing in Python flask?

What are client errors in Flask?