Polymer.js Interview Questions and Answers

Polymer.js Interview Questions and Answers

Polymer is an open-source JavaScript library for building web applications using Web Components. The library is being developed by Google developers and contributors on GitHub. Modern design principles are implemented as a separate project using Google’s Material Design principles.

Polymer is used by a number of Google services and websites, including the redesigned YouTube, YouTube Gaming, the redesigned Google Earth, Google I/O websites, Google Play Music, redesign of Google Sites and Allo for web.

Public development of Polymer began on Nov 14, 2013 with the release of a Promises Polyfill. This steadily expanded into a web design library covering visual styling guidelines (via Material Design), data binding, and a large number of “Core” and “Paper” Web Components. Core components were originally envisioned to encompass generic functionality that would be essential to most websites, while Paper components were intended to provide more specialized components with Material Design concepts forming a key part of their design. A major milestone was reached with the release of Version 0.5, which was considered the first version of the project ready for use by early adopters

What is Polymer.js?

Why Polymer.js?

Where to use Polymer.js?

What are the main web components?

Can you explain architecture of Polymer.js?

What are different types of polymer elements?

What is the custom element lifecycle in Polymer.js?

What is Data system in polymer.js?

Can you explain Databinding in Polymer?

What is Polyfills?

What is the Events in Polymer.js?

What is Gestures Events?

What is event retargeting in Polymer.js?

Can you define Wrappers?

What is Shadow DOM polyfill?

What is Custom Elements polyfill?

How Polymer observes changes on an element's properties in Polymer.js?

What are the features of Polymer.js?

What are the Pros and cons of Polymer.js?