Visualforce Interview Questions and Answers

Visualforce Interview Questions and Answers

Top Visualforce Developer Interview Questions and Answers- Here are some of the following Visualforce Interview Questions and Answers that are generally asked in Salesforce interviews.

What is Visualforce?
What is Visualforce controller in salesforce? What are they?
What is Standard Controller?

What is Standard List Controller?
What is Custom Controller?
What are the tasks of standard controller?

How can you create visualforce page in salesforce?
What is <apex:page> tag in visualforce markup?
How can we enable visualforce editor?

What are expressions used in pages to bind in controllers?
What is the purpose of controllers?
Which objects have associated standard controllers?

What is included with each standard controller?
When do you need to go beyond a standard controller and code custom Apex?
What identifies a controller as being an extension?

What are the different AJAX action tags? What does each do?
What are the Global Key words?
What are static resources?

What is the main difference between using dataTable vs. pageBlockTable tags?
What are attributes? What is the syntax for including them?
What are the Rendered, Rerendered and Renderas in Visualforce page?

What is the purpose of <script> Tags?
Why are properties helpful in controllers?