DevOps Developer


Name: Developer

Location : Bengaluru, India

Category: Tech Hiring


Job Description


  • The ability to configure CICD tools: Jira, Confluence, Jenkins, Sonar, Nexus, Github etc.
  • Strong knowledge in Docker and containers used to build the images in Pipelines.
  • Knowledge of Scripted Pipelines using Groovy scripts
  • Knowledge of NPM, Gradle, Maven, etc for build scripts
  • Windows docker containers, MSBuild, .net core etc.  Ability to create windows images.
  •  Linux System knowledge. Ability to Upgrade, change reinstall above tools and plugins.
  • Create/modify pipelines in Jenkins using Dockerfile, Scripted Groovy Files etc.
  • Configure rules in SonarQube, maintain gates, and Active Directory.
  • Configure projects, dashboards and reports in JIRA and plugins like Script Runner, eazy-Bi
  • Upgrade the tools and plugins.
  • GitHub hooks and Actions.
  •  It is also important to have a resource with good soft skills like pro-activity, commitment, communicatio
  •  iOS and Android build process and Mac knowledge
  •   Symantec versioning
  •  Confluence experience.
  • Computing


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