JNDI Interview Questions and Answers

JNDI Interview Questions and Answers

JNDI stands for Java Naming and directory interface is a Application programming interface (API).It provides naming and directory functionality to application written using the Java. It is independent of any specific directory service implementation so it can be accessed in a common way. It is mainly used to set up a database connection pool on a Java EE application server. Any application that’s deployed on that server can gain access to the connections they need using the JNDI name java:comp/env/FooBarPool without having to know the details about the connection.

Who should use JNDI?

Can you explain Naming service?
Can I use JNDI now?
Where is JNDI being used in the Java platform?
Who will provide implementations of JNDI?
What protocols does JNDI provide an interface to?
How does JNDI relate to LDAP?
How does JNDI relate to Netscape's Java LDAP API?
How does JNDI relate to OMG's CORBA standards for naming?
How does JNDI relate to Microsoft's ADSI?
What is XFN and how does this relate to JNDI?
What about security?
Explain what is a naming service in JNDI?
What is a naming service?
What is a directory service?
How does JNDI relate to LDAP?
Explain the importance of JNDI?
Explain why we need JNDI if communication to systems via LDAP is possible?
What is an applet? How does applet differ from applications?
Can you explain core interface of JNDI?

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