What-is Capability Maturity Model?

Discussion RoomCategory: Interview QuestionWhat-is Capability Maturity Model?
Ashly asked 5 years ago

CMM stands for Capability Maturity Model. Every company has a proper process for the development of software. If you are going to apply for a job of software project management, you will definitely find it as the latest project management interview question. This model has been developed by software engineering institute that provides information on different levels of the process maturity. Here are the five levels of the CMM model:
Initial Level – It defines the starting point of a new process.
Repeatable Level – It specifies that the process is used repeatedly.
Defined Level – It defines or confirms process as a standard business process.
Managed Level – It involves the measurement and management of the process.
Optimizing Level – It includes optimization and improvement of the process.

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