What are the some tips to Manage Project Issues?

Discussion RoomCategory: Interview QuestionWhat are the some tips to Manage Project Issues?
Ashly asked 5 years ago


  • Issues can feel overwhelming, and they certainly can be, unless you’re prepared for them. That’s why Jennifer suggested following these seven tips to deal with issues before they sidetrack your project.
  • Provide a way to report. Without a process or a tool to report on the issue, it’ll be lost in the shuffle of the project. You need to report on issues and notify others, so that others can confirm if the issue remains.
  • Log everything. You want to keep a detailed record of this process. There is nothing too small. It might seem insignificant to you, but it could hold the key to unlocking the solution to the issue. Plus, a log provides an archival tool for future use.
  • Report promptly. Timing is important. If you allow reporting to lag, you lose the opportunity to resolve the issue before it becomes too large to fix or requires so many resources as to be a project-buster.
  • Resolve promptly. If you’re reporting promptly, you better resolve promptly. Sitting on a known issue is asking for trouble.
  • Escalate appropriately. You don’t want to throw all your resources where only some are needed. That said, you also don’t want to create any unnecessary roadblocks to stall a speedy recovery.
  • Validate status regularly. The status of the issue is a crucial distinction. If the issue has been resolved but resources are still working on it unnecessarily, then that’s another issue.
  • Notify everyone frequently. To prevent allocating unneeded resources to an issue, you want to have complete transparency. Everyone must know the status of the issue to work most efficiently.

– Jennifer Bridges [Source: Project manager .org]

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