What are Commonly Used TCodes in SAP basis?

Discussion RoomCategory: SAPWhat are Commonly Used TCodes in SAP basis?
Admin Staff asked 2 months ago

In SAP Basis, there are several Transaction Codes (T-Codes) commonly used for system administration and monitoring. Here are some of the most frequently used T-Codes in SAP Basis:

SM37 – Transaction Monitoring

SM50 – Work Process Overview

SM51 – SAP Servers Overview

SM21 – System Log

ST22 – Dump Analysis

ST03 – Performance Monitoring

DB02 – Database Performance Monitor

RZ20 – CCMS Monitoring

SE78 – SAPScript Graphics Management

SA38 – Execute ABAP Program

SU01 – User Maintenance

PFCG – Role Maintenance

RZ10 – Profile Maintenance

STMS – Transport Management System

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