What are the different types of SAP logs?

Discussion RoomCategory: SAPWhat are the different types of SAP logs?
Admin Staff asked 3 weeks ago

Answer: There are several types of SAP logs, and analyzing them is crucial for system monitoring and issue resolution:
Developer Trace (dev_trace): Captures detailed technical information about SAP processes.
System Log (SM21): Records system messages, warnings, and errors.
Security Audit Log (SM20): Logs security-related events and user activities.
Transaction Log (SM37): Displays information about SAP transactions and background jobs.
SQL Trace (ST05): Captures SQL statements executed in the database.
Update/Error Log (SM13): Records failed update requests in SAP.
Dump Analysis (ST22): Provides detailed information about ABAP runtime errors.
Job Log (SM37): Contains information about background job execution.
Gateway Error Log (SMGW): Logs errors related to SAP gateway processes.

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