4 Jobs You can do with a BA in Communication

With a BA in Communication, so many doors and possibilities open up to you. These possibilities can become rather scary, as instead of having a straight career path, you now may have to look at multiple options and see which ones interest you. Once you get past the initial feeling of being overwhelmed, though, you will be able to just how exciting your future can be.

Where do you start looking, and how do you even find out what your options are? Well, this article aims to give you just a taste of what you can do with a degree in communications can offer you. So let’s look at four jobs you can do with a BA in Communication.

# Work and Study abroad

With a degree in communications, the whole world opens up to you. Your skills are ideally suited for travelling and teaching English. Japan, China, Dubai or many others could be your home or place of work. If you wish to continue your studies, then you also have the opportunity to do that abroad as well. With some research, you could soon find yourself experiencing all the world has to offer.   

# Social media manager

Social media is a massive influence on our daily lives and businesses big and small rely on social media to promote brand awareness and to engage with their guidance. With your skills as a communications graduate, you would make a great Social Media Manager. You can interact with clients and the wider world and help a business build its persona and brand. The best part is that you could work for a company on the other side of the world, meaning you are in no way limit in your places of work.

# Journalist

While many think that a degree in Journalism is needed to become a journalist, that is not the case. The skills learned while studying for a degree in communications can lend themselves well to being a journalist. If there is a subject you care and about put your skills to work and write about it, and soon enough you may find yourself working for a newspaper or a news program.

# Events planner

If you’re the type of person who enjoys entertaining, then being an Event Planner could be perfect for you. You can use your creativity and charisma to wow clients and create events that thrill their attendees. The skills of communication that you would gain through earning a degree in communications would make you well suited for this role. You would also become your boss once you manage to break into the field.

There are many, many more jobs available than the ones listed here, and you should do your research and look into all possibilities before you make any decisions. If you are reading this and thinking that you would like to get a degree in Communications yourself, then your in luck as many universities, such as Maryville University offer you the chance to study online and at your own pace.

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