QlikView Interview Questions and Answers

QlikView Interview Questions and Answers

What is Synthetic Key?
What is Circular reference/loops?
What is Join?

What is Keep?
What is Concatenation?
What is No Concatenation?

What is the use of Connect statement?
What is the use of Select Statement?
What is the use of Load statement?

Explain Aggr function?
Difference between star schema and snow flake schema?
What is Fact Constellation Schema?

Difference between RDBMS and Associative Data Model?
Types of CALS how do you assign them?
What is difference between QV Server and Publisher?

If server crashes then how do you check behind it or error log where you will find that log?
What is cross table?
What is Set and Let?

What type of data connections do you use?
How do you bring data into QV? Explain the script?
What type of data did you used?

What type of charts did you used?
What is Trellis chart?
What is Mini chart?

How many dimensions can be used in bar chart?
Which QV object has only expression, no dimension?
Have you used macros in your application? What you have used?

What are the differences between Pivot table and straight table?
What are the layers in QV?
Difference between QVD and QVW?

What is Interval Match?
What is Cluster?
Types of Charts? And uses of Charts?

What is the use of Interval match function()?
What is the use of Extended Interval Match function()?
What is Relative Path?

What are the new features in QV 11?