Pentaho BI Interview Questions and Answers

Pentaho BI Interview Questions and Answers

Pentaho is BI (Business Intelligence) software. It provides Data Analytics, Data Mining, Data Integration, OLAP services, reporting, ETL and more. Pentaho is headquartered in Orlando, FL; USA.Pentaho was founded in 2004 by five founders. Pentaho offers two main editions are Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Pentaho Business Analytics suite is:

Pentaho EE (Server), Pentaho CE (Server), Pentaho EE/CE (Client), for BI, Big Data & Data Integration.

The elements of pentaho open source BI Suite are:

Pentaho Reporting

Pentaho Analytics

Pentaho Data Integration

Pentaho Data mining

Pentaho BI platform

Pentaho Dashboards

Explain Pentaho?

Explain the important features of Pentaho?

Define Pentaho BI Project?

What major applications comprises of Pentaho BI Project?

What is Pentaho Data Integration?

What is Pentaho Reporting?

Which platform benefits from the Pentaho BI Project?

Is Pentaho a Trademark?

What do you understand by Pentaho Metadata?

How does Pentaho Metadata work?

What is the Pentaho Reporting Evaluation?

Explain MDX?

Define Tuple?

What kind of data, cube contain?

Differentiate between transformations and jobs?

How to do a database join with PDI?

How we can use database connections from repository?

Why can’t we duplicate field names in a single row?

What are the benefits of Pentaho?

Differentiate between Arguments and variables?

What do you understand by the term Pentaho Dashboard?

What is the use of Pentaho reporting?

Define Pentaho Schema Workbench?

Define Pentaho Data mining?

Explain Pentaho report Designer (PRD)?

What do you understand by the term ETL?

What do you understand by hierarchical navigation?

What are the steps to Decrypt a folder or file?

Explain Encrypting File system?

What do you mean by repository?

Explain why we need ETL tool?

What is ETL process? Write the steps also?

What is metadata?

What are snapshots?

What is data staging?

Define mapping?

Explain session?

What is Workflow?

Define mapplet?

What do you understand by three tier data warehouse?

What is ODS?

Differentiate between Etl tool and OLAP tool?

What is XML?

How to perform database join with PDI (Pentaho Data Integration)?

How to sequentialize transformations?

Explain Hierarchy Flattening?

Define Pentaho Report types?