Nursing Interview Questions and Answers

Nursing Interview Questions and Answers

Top Nursing Interview Questions for both beginners and experienced professionals in healthcare include preparing examples of patient care, showcasing teamwork skills, highlighting adaptability, discussing continuing education, and explaining how you handle challenging situations. Tailor your responses to demonstrate your dedication to quality care and collaboration.

Explore key nursing interview questions with comprehensive responses, concentrating on essential areas like vital signs, emergency protocols, high-risk drug administration, pulse assessment, injection sites, NG tube feeding, roles, responsibilities, LSCS, cardiac events, ICU dynamics, lab analyses, X-rays, IPSG, ventilator operation, and behavioral competencies.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Nursing?
Tell us about yourself and your nursing experience?
What are the common vital signs and their normal ranges?
What the meaning of 5th vital sign?
What is the sixth vital sign?
What are the normal vital signs for newborn babies?
What are other signs of skin color?
What are the common emergency drugs?

What are the Proper Hand Washing Techniques?
What are the common sites of check a pulse?
Names some antibiotics medicine and use cases?
Can you explain site of Injection?
What do you mean by COPD?
What do you mean by NVD?
Can you explain BLS? (Basic Life Support)
Can you explain ALS with Emergency drugs?
What are some high-risk medicines?
Tell me about NG Tube feeding procedure
What is a IV cannula?
Explain the common side effects of antibiotics?
What is the primary medication used to provide relief during a major heart attack?
What are the primary complications associated with Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS)?
What are the congenital defects?
What is Eclampsia?
What is PPH?

What are the Causes of Stomach Pain?
What is Intubation?
What is CPR?
What do you know about VIP Score?
What are the common instruments and equipment used in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)?
Can you explain Glasgow coma scale?
What is Range of Hypercalcemia?
What is Normal Range of Sodium?
What is Anemia?
What is code blue?
What are the common normal values of Lab Tests?
What do you know about ventilator?
Can you explain international patient safety goal?
How do you handle a situation where a patient refuses to take medication or follow the treatment plan?
How do you handle stressful or emotionally challenging situations while caring for patients?
Tell us about a situation where you had to deal with a difficult or uncooperative patient, and how did you handle it?