Business Analyst 1-Ops


Job Description

Provides programs to improve operational efficiency, consistency, and compliance in support of the organization’s financial and tactical business objectives. Provides business practices and processes. Develops, communicates, and trains the organization on business practices and processes.


Post Booking Services – Cloud Transaction management

Post Booking Services team is a team with the mission to proactively intervene to prevent issues, swiftly drive closure of post booking issues. We also establish root causes and drive desired simplification to process, policies and systems to avoid future recurrences of these issues.

Job Responsibilities

  • Should primarily be able to understand and mitigate financial impact and contractual obligations while facilitating Customer change requests or issues
  • Responsible for anchoring calls/discussions and understand requirement from stakeholders and provide suitable resolution post working with upstream and downstream teams
  • Ability to identify & prioritize requests based on Customer Impact
  • Collaborate with multiple teams to assist the stakeholders in effective resolution to their issues reported
  • Driving a robust communication mechanism to achieve Customer/Stakeholder trust & confidence
  • Identify the cause of the issue and report it relevant Stakeholder for remediation
  • Should display agility in adopting to rapidly changing business needs
  • Conscious about the Quality of work being delivered and takes initiative to improve performance and processes through constant self-evaluation
  • Work on assignments that are semi-routine in nature where ability to recognize deviation from standard practice is required.

This role reports into Assistant Manager/Deputy Manager/Manager


Key Skills

  • Strong analytical capability: Knows the business and understands how to analyze the metrics/key performance indicators required by self and team to deliver results
  • Flair to work globally: Reach to different stakeholders across the Globe to ensure business is run smooth
  • Effective Communication: With an effective communication skill, Understands and learns from what others say, conveys ideas and facts orally using language the audience will best understand
  • Effective time management: Ability to multi task and delivery seamlessly
  • Problem Solving ability: Successfully resolves difficult or complicated challenges
  • Strong business acumen: Diligently attends to details and pursues quality in accomplishing tasks

Key Competency

  • Communicating for Impact
    • Influences others to change their perceptions in a positive, creative and respectful way
    • Anticipates reactions and responds appropriately
  • Collaboration
    • Identifies synergies across LOBs and acts on opportunities to integrate efforts
    • Demonstrates value as a team player both within and across teams
  • Change Agility
    • Shows willingness to adjust to changing work environments
    • Quickly recognizes situations or conditions where change is needed
  • Decision Making
    • Makes timely, informed decisions that take into account the facts, goals, constraints, and risks
    • Knows when to delegate with clearly defined responsibility and authority

Basic Requirements

  • Graduate/Post Graduate with 2 to 5 years of experience
  • Flexible to work in shifts
  • Strong Analytical ability

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