How to make a great R reproducible example

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Ashly asked 6 months ago

To create a great reproducible example in R, follow these steps:

  1. Load necessary libraries: Ensure you’ve loaded all the required packages with library() or require().
  2. Set a seed: Use set.seed() to make your code’s random elements reproducible.
  3. Provide sample data: Create a small, representative dataset or use built-in datasets.
  4. Minimize code: Keep your example concise and focused on the issue.
  5. Include comments: Explain the problem, code purpose, and expected output.
  6. Use dput() or reprex: Share your data using dput() or create a reproducible example with the reprex package.
  7. Avoid external dependencies: Ensure your example doesn’t rely on external data or resources.
  8. Format your code: Make your code readable with proper indentation and line breaks.

By following these steps, you’ll create a clear and concise reproducible example in R.

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