SAS BI Interview Questions and Answers

SAS BI Interview Questions and Answers

Here, we highlight some common questions you might be asked during a job interview for SAS BI  related positions. All the best for your interview Preparation.

What is SAS Business Intelligence?

Where to Use SAS Business Intelligence?

What is Business Intelligence?

How SAS deals with Business Intelligence?


What is SAS Metadata Repository?

What is SAS Enterprise Intelligence Architecture?

What are sas BI dashboard components?

Where are dashboard components are created and maintained?

What are the component of range?

What are the types of interactive display types?

Explain about SAS Business Intelligence?

Explain the concepts and capabilities of Business Object?

What is broad cast agent?

What are the software’s and applications that are used most frequently used by SAS bi applications developers?

What are the applications primarily used by business analyst?

What are several options for creating reports in Web Report Studio?

What is the primary data source for the WRS?

How many types of prompts are there?