JSF Interview Questions and Answers

JSF Interview Questions and Answers

Java server faces (JSF) is a java application framework for building component based UI for web applications. The latest version JSF 2 uses Facelets as its default templating system. Other view technologies like XUL or plain java can also employed. JSF enables the reuse and extension of the existing standard UI components. A JSF application runs in a standard web container, for example Tomcat or Jetty. A JSF application consists of web pages with JSF UI components.

JSF is based on the below configuration files

web.xml: General web application configuration file

faces-config.xml :Contains the configuration of the JSF application.

What is JSF?

What is a Managed Bean?

What are the three types of text fields tags provided by JSF?

What is the significance of @ManagedProperty annotation?

What does @ApplicationScoped annotation indicate?

What is Resource bundling in JSF?

Explain the required and requiredMessage attribute of the <h:inputText> tag?

What are the different types of Page Navigation supported in JSF?

What are JSF life cycle phases?

Explain some of the attributes of <h:form> tag?

What are the command component tags used for action and navigation?

What are Data Bound table components?

What is an event?

How can we obtain the generated event?

What are the different types of JSF events?

What is a listener class?

What are some of the facelets tags?

What are the different types of validations in JSF?

What are immediate and deferred value expressions?

Can you explain value expression and method expressions?

Can you explain @ViewScoped, @SessionScoped, @CustomScoped and @RequestScoped annotations?

Can you explain different ways of declaring a managed bean in JSF?

What is the significance of name and eager attributes in managed bean?

Mention some of the validator tags used in JSF?

What are the benefits of using JSF Framework?

What are different JSF Converter tags?

List the benefits of Expression Language?

What is a backing bean?

What are standard JSF tag libraries?

Can you explain functions that the backing bean method performs?

What are different implementations of JSF API?

Can you explain JSF architecture?

How different components are rendered in JSF page?

Can the JSF support multiple faces configuration files?

What are the differences between a Backing Bean and Managed Bean?

How to display error messages in JSF?