Adobe ColdFusion Interview Questions and Answers

Adobe ColdFusion Interview Questions and Answers

Top Most Adobe ColdFusion Interview Questions and Answers for freshers and experienced .

What is ColdFusion?

What advantages has ColdFusion?

Why is ColdFusion mx6 different than ColdFusion 5?

What is the meaning of application and session time out and where are they used?

What meaning has a coldfusion component?

What is the role of a CFCHART engine?

Are we able to communicate from coldfusion to an apache or iis server?

How are stored procedures and calling sql inline different in coldfusion regarding advantages and disadvantages?

How does the application.cfm work?

what is the meaning of onrequestend.cfm and when is the execution made?

What are the main components of coldfusion?

What is the architecture of ColdFusion?

What are the main features of coldfusion?

What is the main difference between coldfusion 5.0 and coldfusion mx6.0?

What Are the advantages of ColdFusion 9 over older versions?

What is an application.cfm page and why it is used? is it mandatory? how many application.cfm pages we can use in a ColdFusion application?

What are the important components of application.cfm page?

How to use clientmanagement in application.cfm page? give an example?

How to upload a file using ColdFusion?

What is query of queries? what is the use of query of queries?

How to you debug a ColdFusion program?

How error handling is handled in coldfusion?

What is application server?

What is web server?

Explain the structure of cold fusion?

How can you clear the cache?

What are session timeout and application timeout? where we have to do this process?

What is cfapplication tag?

What is the working process for application.cfm?

What is the difference between absolute and relative div positioning?

Can we have multiple application.cfm file in an application?

What is application.cfm?

What are the advantages of cold fusion?