What are the different types of SAP Security Tables?

Discussion RoomCategory: Interview QuestionWhat are the different types of SAP Security Tables?
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SAP Security Tables:

USR Tables:

  • USR01 User master record (run time data)
  • USR02 Logon data (Kernel-side use)
  • USR03 User address data
  • USR04  User master authorizations
  • USR05 User master parameter ID
  • USR06 Additional data per user
  • USR06SYS System Specific User classification
  • USR07 Object/value of last authorization check
  • USR08 Table for user menu entries
  • USR09 Entries for user menu (work areas)
  • USR10 User master authorization profiles
  • USR11 User master texts for authorization profiles(USR10)
  • USR12 User master authorization values
  • USR13 Short texts for authorizations
  • USR14 Sur-chargeable Language Versions per user
  • USR15
  • USR16 Values for variable for user authorizations
  • USR20 Date of last user master reorganization
  • USR21 Assign user name address key
  • USR40 Table for illegal passwords
  • USR41 User master additional data
  • USRVAR Variants for critical authorizations
  • USH02 Change history for Logon data
  • USGRP User groups
  • USER_ADDR Address data for users
  • USOBT Relation transaction to authorization object(SAP)
  • USOBX               Check table for USOBT
  • USOBT_C Relation transaction to authorization object(Customer)
  • USOBX_C Check table for USOBT_C

AGR Tables (Related to roles):

  • AGR_1250 Authorization data for the activity group
  • AGR_1251 Authorization data for the activity group
  • AGR_1252 Organizational elements for authorizations
  • AGR_USERS Assignment of roles to users
  • AGR_TCODES Assignment of roles to t-codes
  • AGR_AGRS Roles in the composite roles
  • AGR_DEFINE Role definition/single and derived roles
  • AGR_1016 Name of the activity group profile
  • AGR_PROF Profile name for role
  • AGR_OBJ Assignment of Menu nodes to role
  • AGR_TIME Time stamp for role (including profile)

Developer Key Table:

  • DEVACCESS Table for development users – developer keys

Transport Requests:

  • E070 Change & transport system: Header of requests/tasks
  • E071 System: Object entries of requests/tasks

Email id for users:

  • ADR6 E-mail addresses of sap user

Other Tables:

  • TDDAT Table authorization group to Table relation
  • TBRG Table authorization groups
  • TRDIR         Program to authorization group relation
  • T000 List of defined clients
  • TSTC List of t-codes
  • TPARA List of parameter ids
  • TOBJ Authorization objects
  • TACT               Available activities in SAP system
  • RFCDES Remote function call destinations
  • DBTABLOG Log records of table changes
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