QuickBooks Interview Questions and Answers

QuickBooks Interview Questions and Answers

QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit. QuickBooks products are geared mainly toward small and medium-sized businesses and offer on-premises accounting applications as well as cloud-based versions that accept business payments, manage and pay bills, and payroll functions.

Web-based some features in QuickBooks, including: Remote access capabilities, electronic payment functions, Mapping features, remote payroll assistance and outsourcing, online banking and reconciliation, better mail functionality with Microsoft Outlook

Intuit was founded in 1983 by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx in Mountain View, California, USA. After the success of Quicken for individual financial management, the company developed similar services for small business owners.

What is QuickBooks?

What does a bookkeeper do?

List out the products available in QuickBooks?

Why QuickBooks is the Best Choice?

What is the difference between an operating expense and a capital expense?

What is the difference between tangible and intangible assets in business valuations?

How to schedule recurring invoices?

How to edit a recurring template?

What is the difference between marketing and advertising?

What is the difference between Account Details and Item Details?

How to import files in QuickBooks?

What are Inventory Assemblies?

What is the difference between entering a bill (and bill payment) and writing a check?

What is an outstanding deposit?

What is an uncleared cheque?

How do I assign account numbers or will QuickBooks Online assign account numbers to the Chart of Accounts for me?

How do you open two different company files at the same time in quick books?

What is the differences between Accrual and Cash-Basis Accounting?

What is the difference between cost of goods sold and operating expenses?

What is a bank reconciliation?

What are the reconciliation reports include?

What is a Balance Sheet?

What is a Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) or Income Statement?

What is a sub-account? And why would you use it?

What happens if you don’t pay the estimated tax or miss the tax payment?

What do you look for when “analyzing” financial reports?

Explain Account Activity reports in QuickBooks?

Explain How QuickBooks can be helpful in managing products and inventory?

What are QuickBooks Keyboard Shortcuts?

How do you get QuickBooks financial reports to excel? And why would you do that?

What’s new in QuickBooks 2018 R3?

What is the viewing and sending reminder for overdue QuickBooks invoice?

Why should I write and print checks in QuickBooks online?

How to delete journal entries in QuickBooks?