What’s New about Cloud Computing Security?

Discussion RoomCategory: SecurityWhat’s New about Cloud Computing Security?
Ashly asked 5 years ago

Cloud security is now the fastest growing service that provides many functionalities such as IT security models. This helps protect business-critical information from theft, data leakage, and deletion. One of the advantages of cloud services is that you can operate on a scale, but still remain safe and secure. In a similar way to how you manage traditional security, now you have a new style of delivering all security solutions, addressing many areas of concern. Cloud security does not change how to manage data security by preventing detective controls and corrective actions. However, it gives you the ability to make all the activities in the agilest manner. Your data is secured within data centers and some countries may require the data to be saved in their country. Selecting a provider that has different data centers around the world can help satisfy such requirements.

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