What is difference between Web Forms and MVC?

Discussion RoomCategory: MicrosoftWhat is difference between Web Forms and MVC?
Ram asked 5 years ago

What is difference between Web Forms and MVC?
MVC uses Front Controller approach which means there is a common controller for all pages instead of every page having its own controller like in Web Forms which uses code-behind file that will process the request.
MVC architecture has a very clean separation of concern between Controllers, Models and Views unlike Web Forms.
MVC application applies a approach which is stateless as per common HTTP convention different from Web Forms which use View State.
Development of a MVC application requires a better and detailed knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS.
Absence of Life Cycle in MVC leads to a simpler request cycle which reduces load times MVC does not follow the RAD (Rapid Application Development) approach which may slow down development for people but it is better for Custom Application as developer has more Control over the code.
MVC is a recommended approach for Larger Application development where multiple teams are working in conjunction.

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