What is difference between SAS, R and Python programming?

Discussion RoomCategory: BigdataWhat is difference between SAS, R and Python programming?
Ashly asked 6 years ago

SAS Analytics:  SAS is the most widely used analytics tools used by some of the biggest companies on different countries. It has some of the best statistical functions, graphical user interface, but can come with a price tag and hence it cannot be readily adopted by smaller enterprises
R Programming: The best part about R is that it is an Open Source tool and hence used generously by academia and the research community. It is a robust tool for statistical computation, graphical representation and reporting. Due to its open source nature it is always being updated with the latest features and then readily available to everybody.
Python Programming: Python is a powerful open source programming language that is easy to learn, works well with most other tools and technologies. The best part about Python is that it has innumerable libraries and community created modules making it very robust. It has functions for statistical operation, model building and more.

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