What are the method responses?

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mohan asked 5 years ago

The methods on the response object (res) in the following  list can send a response to the client, and terminate the request-response cycle. If none of these methods are called from a route handler, the client request will be left hanging.

  • res.download() Prompt a file to be downloaded.
  • res.end():End the response process.
  • res.json():Send a JSON response.
  • res.jsonp():Send a JSON response with JSONP support.
  • res.redirect():Redirect a request.
  • res.render():Render a view template.
  • res.send():Send a response of various types.
  • res.sendFile():Send a file as an octet stream.
  • res.sendStatus():Set the response status code and send its string representation as the response body.
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