Discussion RoomCategory: Interview QuestionWhat are the differences between Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence?
Ashly asked 5 years ago

Machine Learning (ML):

  • This is defined as the acquisition of knowledge or skill.
  • The aim is to increase accuracy, but it does not care about success
  • It is a simple concept machine takes data and learns from data.
  • The goal is to learn from data on certain task to maximize the performance of machine on this task.
  • ML allows system to learn new things from data.
  • It involves in creating self learning algorithms.
  • Machine Learning will go for only solution for that whether it is optimal or not.
  • Machine Learning leads to knowledge

Artificial Intelligence (AI):

  • Intelligence is defined as an ability to acquire and apply knowledge.
  • The aim is to increase chance of success and not accuracy.
  • It work as a computer program that does smart work
  • The goal is to simulate natural intelligence to solve complex problem
  • Artificial Intelligence is decision making.
  • It leads to develop a system to mimic human to respond behave in a circumstances.
  • Artificial Intelligence will go for finding the optimal solution.
  • Artificial Intelligence leads to intelligence or wisdom.