What are some SAP Security T Codes?

Discussion RoomCategory: Interview QuestionWhat are some SAP Security T Codes?
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SAP Security Transaction Codes and description

  1. PFCG: For maintaining role using profile generator.
  2. PFUD: For Comparing User master in Dialog.
  3. SCC8: Data exchange happens at operating system level
  4. SCC9:For data exchange over the network and remote client copy between clients in different systems.
  5. RZ10: Profile configuration
  6. RZ11: Maintain profile parameters
  7. SCCL: For Local Client Copy on same system between different clients.
  8. SE43: Maintain and display Area Menus
  9. SE84: Information System for SAP R/3 Authorizations
  10. SECR: Audit Information System
  11. SM01: For locking the transaction from execution.
  12. SM02: System Messages
  13. SM04: User Overview
  14. SM12: Display and Delete Locks
  15. SM13: Display Update Records
  16. SM19: Security audit – configuration.
  17. SM20: Security audit – reporting.
  18. SM21:System Log
  19. SM30:For creation of table authorization groups and for maintaining assignments to tables
  20. SM35:Batch Input Monitoring
  21. SM50:Work Process Overview
  22. SM51:List of SAP Servers
  23. SM59:Display/Maintain RFC Destinations
  24. SMLG:Maintain Logon Group
  25. ST01:System Trace
  26. ST02:Setups/Tune Buffers
  27. ST05:Performance trace
  28. ST11:Display Developer Traces and error log files
  29. ST22:ABAP/4 Runtime Error Analysis
  30. STMS:Transport Management System
  31. SU01: To create and maintain the users.
  32. SU01D:To Display Users
  33. SU02: For Manual creation of profiles.
  34. SU03: For Manual creation of authorization.
  35. SU05:Maintain Internet Users
  36. SU10: For mass maintenance.
  37. SU20: Lists down the authorization fields.
  38. SU21: Lists the Object classes and authorization objects.
  39. SU24: For Maintaining Check Indicators and for Maintaining templates.
  40. SU25: For initial Customer table fill.
  41. SU3: For setting address and default parameters.
  42. SU53:To display last authority check that failed
  43. SU56:Display User buffer
  44. SUGR:Maintain User groups
  45. SUIM:User Information System
  46. SUPC:For generation of Mass profile
  47. SWDC: Workflow Definition: Administration
  48. RSSM: Authorizations for Reporting
  49. PB10:Init.entry of applicant master data
  50. SU22: Maintain Authorization Defaults (sap)
  51. SU02: Maintain Authorization Profiles
  52. OOSB: User (Structural Authorization)
  53. TPM13: Treasury Ledger: Flow List
  54. SE17: General Table Display
  55. SU56: Analyze User Buffer
  56. SUPC: Role Profiles CRMD_BUS2000126   Maintain Activities   CRM
  57. SODS: sapoffice: LDAP Browser
  58. CF00:Prod. Resources/Tools Master Menu
  59. SM18: Reorganize security Audit Log
  60. RSUSR003: Check standard user passwords
  61. OOAC HR: Authorization main switch
  62. SECR Obsolete: Audit Information System
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